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I write! I write about life, love, relationships and fear. To find the freedom, whatever that may be…
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I sit in front of Jordan on a zoom call and feel his surrounding authenticity. There is something about him, the air of a man with a traumatic past. His aura screams he is where he is through many dark nights of the soul, and perhaps there are still some to come.

The next hour and a half disappears as I am mesmerized by his story… There are many threads and webs and weaves, and those are for another day. But this one is his journey to discover the essence of humankind.

I write this story in the first person…

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I was angry… my marriage was falling apart. I was angry with him, the world and myself… and this blinded me to any possibility.

The anger was rampart within me. I remember staring at the ceiling at night. Sleep eluding me… realizing that we hadn’t spoken a word to each other, and this flowed into days of tension-filled silences. These silences were bad… each living in our own world of hell… our own hell.

And the anger within me, intensified.

There was no outlet for expression, there was no way that we could or even would ease the pain of…

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This has been a crazy year… Some of us have pivoted and others are looking for ways to cope and still others grabbed the situation and made opportunities for themselves. It’s all about perception. For me, one day during the lockdown, I remembered my marriage and how I changed something negative into something positive. How a hell turned out to be a heaven! So, perhaps this is the way we should look at this year, count our blessings and find the good…

This is my story…

My marriage was falling apart… There were days of silence, where we didn’t say…

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Once upon a time a mother has a baby girl, she is so excited; this little princess will be the ruler of her own world and achieve all her dreams……. This is the reverie of a mother, the child is immaculate and, in the eyes of her mother, nothing can compare to her greatness.

She teaches her princess to, “Be impeccable in your dress when you go out, and always be ready to meet the queen”.

The story continues with the princess dressing spotlessly, matching attire with perfect makeup and flawless skin. She learns that judgement occurs within the first…

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BANG. BANG. BANG. “Open the door.” A booming voice woke me from my dead sleep. I shuffled to the door, stumbling over my feet. My mind was groggy, and it was walking automatically. Nothing really sinking into my brain except what was happening. BANG. BANG. BANG. “Open the door.” A roar from outside. I opened the door and in the doorway stand two huge men with bulletproof vests. They loomed over me. A cold chill fell over me, I stood there staring at them.

“You know who we are?”.

“Do you know why we are here?”.

Their voices shattered my…

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The salty taste in my mouth is strangely sensuous. Yet, I taste nothing, it’s my intense imagination. The sand supports me, its touch is pleasurable and draws me into the moment. The vastness of the ocean in front of me, dark, endless. My body is light on the damp sand, a fine, gentle, light. And the silence is thick, a whisper.

It’s evening, the town is bustling for the year end parties, but that is in another universe.

The isolation on the beach is intimate, the waves kissing the beach, playing with each other.

I am the only person alive…

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This is a question I asked today and realized that it was a difficult one. One I couldn’t answer immediately. They have asked me this question a lot. We all want the illusive happiness or is it so? I did a bit of internal introspection. Something I do often, and sometimes it’s only rumination if I’m honest with myself. The challenge is to be honest with self and to look for the truth for self, not for anyone else but for myself. So with loud music in my ears and a timer to challenge me, I write this piece. The…

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This is my story of how I started on this path of course creation and writing.

Staring at the ocean, it was turbulent, loud, a refection of my feelings, conflict, so much conflict it made me feel sick. I feel the soft sand underneath my feet as they sunk though the thin veil of sand. I tasted the smell of the ocean in the tears running down my face. In this place and time I felt like I was in a prison.

I just wanted out of my situation and so peace. I walked quickly back to my place. And…

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